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10 Things Every Woman Needs In Her Car

10 Things Every Woman Needs In Her Car

10 Things Every Woman Needs In Her Car

Unexpected moments can happen at anywhere, even while in your car and stuck in traffic.

This is why every woman needs to have some essential items as mainstays in her car – no one wants to be stranded; it’s no fun!

This is why it’s important to know what items you should never take out of your car.

To avoid embarrassing situations and desperate moments, here are ten things every woman absolutely needs in her car.

Mini make up bag 

This is very vital, especially if you are one who moves around a lot due to the nature of your job. It does not have to be the whole works. Just a couple of lip glosses, mascara, and a nice concealer in a compact makeup bag is fine. With this, you can say goodbye to unexpected business and personal dates you have to catch up to as you’ll always be prepared.

Period kit

Periods can be stressful on its own, especially when it comes unannounced a few days earlier. You don’t have to be stranded anymore or depend on a colleague’s spare pad. Just stock up on panty liners, feminine wipes, and about two packs of pad, a few painkillers in a zip lock bag and place it under the seat of your car – and you are good to go!

Car charger 

You definitely need a permanent car charger in your bag. Do this and say goodbye to flat battery.

Spare shoes

Running around in heels all day can be stressful. Take the stress away by having comfortable spare shoes always in your car. This will enable you to run personal errands easier and better.

Spare clean underwear

This is a permanent must-have in your car. Embarrassing situations can happen anywhere. And it’s mentally refreshing to know that you are always covered no matter what. You don’t need to worry anymore about getting stained on your period or desperately needing to use a public restroom.

Car support 

Always have spare tyres and jumper cables in your car. You don’t want to be stranded anywhere. You should learn how to use them too.

Spare clothes

This is not being over the top. It’s not unrealistic to have spare shoes, spare underwear and then spare clothes permanently in your car. You don’t know when you might desperately need to have a change of outfit. Prepare well for the unforseen situations.


Every woman needs to have deodorant or perfume in her glove compartment. The essence of this shouldn’t even be stated. There’s nothing like smelling good at all times. You don’t know who you will bump into.

First Aid Kit

Every woman needs a mini first aid kit containing bandages, plasters, and even ointments for itchy skin. It might seem like you can do without this, but it will come in handy on a day that will have you grateful you were prepared.

Breath mints 

The advantages of always having breath mints which you can easily reach for in the glove compartment of your car far exceeds whatever disadvantages you can think of. There is a reason why it’s called breath mints – you’ll be needing it almost after every strong meal.


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